Alex Chung

Alex Chung is a Ph.D. Management Candidate at the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management. His work looks at how information systems can be designed to help users change their behaviours and help them form new habits. Accordingly, he's interested in the interface between human behaviour and information systems design.

Alex holds a master’s degree in systems science from the University of Ottawa, and an undergraduate degree in biology from Carleton University. His master’s thesis focused on the formal definition, measurement, and simulation of coastal community preparedness for severe environmental events. Following his master's degree, he worked as a management consultant and researcher while also teaching part-time at the Telfer School of Management. Alex also has an interest in fisheries management and has been involved in several projects with government and private industry on the management of Canadian fisheries and coastal areas.

With a strong background in management-related research, he values theory and data-driven approaches to decision making. This perspective helped him develop transferable skills like problem-solving and critical thinking that are applicable to the wide range of problems that many businesses face.

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